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     This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" normal classroom expectations.  Students are invited to learn about a wide variety of topics ranging from naming the state capitals, stages of the water cycle, the alphabet using sign language, Roman Numerals, twenty modes of transportation, as well as naming ten NFL football teams and their cities!  Sound exciting??  There will be 100 challenges in all.  Students who pass 8 challenges will receive $10 Cayer Cash, a bracelet, and their first button.  Then, each time they pass 8 more they will receive $10 Cayer Cash and another button for their bracelet.  Students will also receive a certificate for each 8 challenges they complete.
     Students attempting to pass these challenges have to do them from memory in front of Mr. Cayer.  Please note, I am very strict in that you must pass the challenges in a timely manner and at 100%!  If you do not pass the first time, you may try again at any time providing at least one day has past.  A maximum of 3 challenges may be done in a single day.
The previous classroom record was SHATTERED during the 2007-2008 school year in our classroom.  Ryan passed an AMAZING 83 out of 84 challenges!  WOW~~  In the 2009-2010 school year, Joey managed to pass ALL 84 challenges becoming the "Ultimate Master!"  Way to go Joey!!!  Now that we have 100 challenges, who will become The "Amazingly Ultimate Master?"

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Social Studies


Language Arts and Linguistics