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Social Studies - Mastery Club


Social Studies

1.      Name the 7 continents

2.     Name 15 world countries (only one in the US)

3.    Name 15 major world cities

4.   Name 10 types of dwellings

5.    Name 6 South American Countries

6.    Name 5 Central American Countries

7.    Name 10 Countries bordering the Pacific Ocean

8.    Name 10 Countries in Europe

9.    Name 10 Countries in Africa

10. Name 10 major bodies of water

11. Name 10 large deserts of the world

12. Name 10 large lakes in North America

13. Name 10 major world rivers

14. Name the 50 states

15. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges

16. Write the names of the 50 states on a map

17. Name the state capitals

18. Name the original 13 colonies

19. Name 10 Native American tribes

20. Name 10 Oregon Trail landmarks

21. Write the names of each county of Nevada on a map

22. Name 8 state symbols of Nevada

23. Name 8 explorers

24. Name 8 Civil War battlefields

25. Name the 1st – 10th presidents in order

26. Name the 11th – 20th presidents in order

27. Name the 21st – 30th presidents in order

28. Name the 31st – current president in order

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I would like to personally thank Mrs. Renz from Redmond, Oregon who came up with the idea for Mastery Club.  She is a true inspiration for teachers of all grade levels.