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Science - Mastery Club



29. Name 15 marine creatures

30. Name 15 mammals

31. Name 15 vertebrate animals

32. Name 15 desert animals

33. Name 10 amphibians

34. Name 15 reptiles

35. Name 10 dinosaurs

36. Name 10 types of birds

37. Name 10 rain forest birds or mammals

38. Name 10 deciduous trees

39. Name 10 rocks or minerals

40. Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols

41. Name 10 constellations

42. Name 10 organs in the human body

43. Name 8 types of clouds

44. Name 5 inventors and their inventions

45. Name 5 human body systems

46. Name the stages of the water cycle

47. Name the order of the colors of the rainbow

48. Label the major bones of the skeleton

49. Name the order of the planets in the solar system

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I would like to personally thank Mrs. Renz from Redmond, Oregon who came up with the idea for Mastery Club.  She is a true inspiration for teachers of all grade levels. 
Please visit Mrs. Renz's web site at: