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Math - Mastery Club



62. Name the formulas for computing area of squares, rectangles, circles and triangles

63. Name the perfect square numbers up to 225

64. Write in Roman numerals up to 100

65. Name 5 famous mathematicians

66. Label sides, vertices, and faces of 3-dimensional objects

67. Provide the mean, median, and mode of a given set of #’s

68. Pass 60 seconds through 12’s on All Star Math

69. Pass 45 seconds through 12’s on All Star Math

70. Pass 30 seconds through 12’s on All Star Math

71. Pass 15 seconds through 12’s on All Star Math

72. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet

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I would like to personally thank Mrs. Renz from Redmond, Oregon who came up with the idea for Mastery Club.  She is a true inspiration for teachers of all grade levels. 
Please visit Mrs. Renz's web site at: