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Miscellaneous - Mastery Club



73. Name 20 different modes of transportation

74. Name 15 breeds of horses

75. Name 15 breeds of dogs

76. Name 12 Winter Olympic events

77. Name 12 Summer Olympic events

78. Name 10 instruments in a marching band

79. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra

80. Name 10 NFL football teams and their cities

81. Name 10 NBA basketball teams and their cities

82. Name 10 MLB baseball teams and their cities

83. Name 10 NHL hockey teams and their cities

84. Name one career for each letter of the alphabet 

85.  Name the birthstones for each month

86.  Poem Set #1

87.  Poem Set #2

88.  Poem Set #3

89. Poem Set #4

90.  State Report:  East

91.  State Report:  South

92.  State Report:  Midwest

93.  State Report:  West

94.  Recite 8 Mathematical Practices

95.  Say Hello in 10 different languages

96.  Book Talk #1

97.  Book Talk #2

98.  Book Talk #3

99.  Book Talk #4

100.  Book Talk #5

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I would like to personally thank Mrs. Renz from Redmond, Oregon who came up with the idea for Mastery Club.  She is a true inspiration for teachers of all grade levels. 
Please visit Mrs. Renz's web site at: