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Parent Helpers


ALL-STAR Parent President
This individual will serve as a director of activities for my parent helpers.  They will keep a schedule of events, list of parent volunteers, and will serve as the President of our parenting team.

ALL-STAR Parents
  • Daily volunteer:  Pick one day each week to come and do things to help Mr. Cayer.  Some of the things you will be asked to do include making and tearing down bulletin boards, making and stapling copies, cutting, pasting, and all kinds of interesting things.
  • One on one readers:  Volunteers will be placed with individuals to help with their reading skills.
  • Home helpers:  Many parents wish to help make things at home.
  • Party helpers:  These individuals can assist with our parties in the classroom.
  • Snacks:  Some of our students come very early to school and become quite hungry after our specials.  We will have a short snack time to help alleviate this issue.  Parents can sign up for a week in which they will send snack items to our classroom.  These are generally simple items such as cereal or crackers.
  • Mystery Readers:  The first week of school I will send home a sign up sheet for being a Mystery Reader in our classroom.  Every Friday, we will welcome a parent, grandparent, community member, or a special guest to read to our kids.  I will also keep the sign up sheet in my classroom to add names during the year.
  • Field Trip Chaperones:    Depending on the number of students I have, we will need approximately 6 chaperones for each field trip. 

A sign up sheet will come home the first week of school for those parents interested in becoming ALL-STAR parents.  Please note that all individuals who choose jobs that require them to come to school to volunteer, must go through Mrs. Douglass's training PRIOR to working in the school.  Mystery Readers and Party Helpers do not need to attend this training.