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All-Star Jobs

The following is a list of the jobs in Mr. Cayer's ALL-STAR classroom.  Students either choose or are assigned a particular job that lasts two weeks. After two weeks, students will choose or be assigned a new job.  Below is a list of our ALL-STAR jobs and the dollar amount is the bi-weekly salary for that particular job.


Team Captains:  These are the team leaders.  Duties include making sure their team has all of their supplies, placing missed work in folder for absent students, doing desk checks at end of the day, and checking team members ajendas.  $20

Assistant Coach:
  These individuals perform all duties when Mr. Cayer is unavailable, opens each Morning Meeting, and checks with Team Captains at end of the day to ensure jobs are being performed.  *These two individuals are assigned by Mr. Cayer.  $30

Team Bankers:
  Duties include cashing checks, disbursing cash, and logging information into our online banking system$20 
Referees:  One girl and one boy.  Their duties are to assist in our behavior goals by monitoring students.  $20

  Duties include passing out materials.  $20

  Duties include lunch count and running errands.  $20

Wide Receivers:
  Duties include picking up and returning materials.  $20

Duties include organizing reading center, materials in colored trays, and book baskets. $25

Tight Ends:
  Duties include sharpening of pencils and taking down and cleaning out lunch buckets daily.  $20

  Duties include putting homework in numerical order, and placing stickers on homework chart.  $20

  Duties include leading the group in our Daily Language Review, rotating magnets, and changing our daily schedule $20

Nose Tackles:
  One odd and one even.  Duties are line leaders and door holders.  $20

Team Reporters:
  Duties include writing and editing our weekly newsletter.  $20
Score Board Operators:  Duties include putting stickers up for Specials and recording Fun Friday minutes and group points.  $20

  Performs duties of absent students, and line up at the back of the lines.  $20

New Player Ambassadors: 
One girl and one boy.  Duties include teaching new students about our classroom and school wide rules and procedures, and assist in our daily routine.  **This is a second job and is assigned by Mr. Cayer**  $5

Classroom Photographer:
  Duties include taking pictures weekly of our class happenings for the ALL-STAR newsletter, end of year dvd, and website.  **This is a second job and is assigned by Mr. Cayer**   $5


Show me the money!